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User Guide 1

Q1:Can you hit Spark Catch with a bat?

Spark Catch is designed for pitching and playing catch only. To avoid injury do not hit with a bat.

Q2:Is Spark Catch waterproof?

Spark Catch is completely water resistant! There is no need to worry about the electronic components should the ball be dropped in water. If the ball does get wet remove the battery and let it dry. The ball is not intended for water use. Frequent wetting can damage the leather skin.

Q3:How is the weight of Spark Catch distributed?

Our design is based on MLB standards. The battery is located in the exact center of the ball, allowing for balanced and natural pitching characterisitcs. The only difference are the slightly larger than average stitching holes to allow light to shine through.

Q4:Why play catch at night?

Spark Catch baseball is designed for people who love playing catch but who are limited on daylight playing time. With Spark Catch you can play catch with your family and friends anytime and anywhere.

Customer Service

Q1:My Spark Catch baseball isn't working anymore, what should I do?

Spark Catch is similar to regular baseballs in that over time they can take a beating. However, Spark Catch offers replacements for both the baseball and light tube core should they wear out.

Q2:How do I pay?

We currently accept credit card and ATM bank transfers.

Q3:How do you ship?

Domestic orders: Chunghwa Postal Service. International orders: SF Express or EMS Express.

Q4:How do I contact customer service?

For any inquires, please E-mail:

Retail Partners & Distributors

Q1:I'm a distributor and would like to discuss wholesale terms, who should I contact?

For wholesale inquires, please E-mail:

User Guide 2

Q1:Does Spark Catch create glare when thrown?

Spark Catch is an LED baseball that will cause a light trail when throw fast over long distances. The illlumination has been calibrated for optimal pitching and catching in low light condistions.

Q2:Will the light tube core fall out when thrown?

The light tube core can only be ejected when pushed all the way through and switched 90 degrees clockwise, making unintended ejection highly unlikely.

Q3:Will the light go off when the battery is low? What do I do if brightness decreases?

Low battery power will result in the gradual dimming of the LEDs without shutting it off abrubtly. To re-illuminate simply insert a fresh battery.

Q4:How do you replace the battery?

Have a new A23 Battery on hand and simply follow the 3 steps in the instructions.